The Agamemnon  has 1 shuttlebay.  The shuttlebay features its own observation deck and control tower for montering incoming and outgoing craft. In addition to the main hangar bay, there are smaller bays that branch out from it where shuttlecraft can be stored when not in use or maintenance can be preformed.

Under normal shipboard operating conditions, the doors to the shuttlebay remain closed.  They are only opened when necessary.  When opened, a forcefield is erected in place that allows craft to pass between the shuttlebay and space with ease, while still keeping the bay pressurized.

The shuttlebay is overseen by the Flight Deck controller.  It is the responsibility of the Flight Deck controller to coordinate with the Bridge Operations officer in the event of any shuttlecraft landings or launchings.

The Agamemnon carries a medium compliment of shuttlecraft that can preform a variety of tasks, depending on the mission parameters.  The smallest craft in the vehicle inventory is the Type-18 Shuttlepod.  The Agamemnon is currently equipped with about 3 such craft.  The Type-18 Shuttlepod carries only two occupants at most and is capable of limited warp travel.

The second type of shuttle carried aboard the Agamemnon is the Type-9 Warp shuttle.  This advanced craft can carry several passengers and travel at high warp for extended periods of time.  It is also armed with two phaser emitters.  The Agamemnon Carries 2 of this shuttle aboard at all times.

The third type of shuttle carried aboard the Agamemnon is the Type-11 Warp shuttle.  This advanced craft can carry several passengers and travel at high warp for extended periods of time.

Like the Type 9, the Type 11 uses some elements of the technology of  a Sovereign  class vessel. Bio-neural gel packs have been included as standard, a step up from the Type 9 computer system which offers the gel packs as an upgrade only. Other technology incorporated is mostly centered around the warp core and nacelles, which use allows the Type 11 to have an equal speed to the type 9 but with a somewhat smaller power plant.   The Agamemnon carries only 1 of these shuttles aboard at all times.


Classification: Type-11 Shuttle            Decks: One deck

Length: 14.6 meters                             Height: 4.5 meters             Width: 3.3 meters

Warp Systems:
Power: Matter/Antimatter Reactor (dilithium mediated)
Nacelles: 2                                          Cruising: Warp 9                Maximum: Warp 9.4
Emergency: Warp 9.8 for 36 hours

Impulse Systems:
Power: Fusion                                     Engines: 1

Tactical Systems:
Main Phasers: Type: (3) Type-V phaser arrays.
(2) Micro Torpedo Tubes (60 torpedoes)                                      Shields: Light shielding.

Crew and Auxiliary Systems:
Crew: 2 (maximum 10)                         Transporters: 1x4 personnel/cargo

In addition to the standard compliment of shuttlepods and shuttlecraft, the Agamemnon carries one (1) Repulse-class runabout.  It  has been named the Sunfire.  Based on the awesome Intrepid Class Starship, the Repulse Class Combat Runabout is an awesome addition to any Starship. The Repulse Class is 50% larger then the Danube Class Runabout. They can achieve a maximum speed of warp 8.1 for 2.5 hours. It is also armed with 5 Type-X phaser arrays and 4 Micro Quantum Torpedo launchers. It also have regenerative shielding.

Classification: Runabout        Design: Repulse Class         Decks: One deck

Duranium with added Ablative Armor Matrox.
Length: 42.1 meters             Height: 7.9 meters                Width: 22.2 meters

Warp Systems:
Power: Matter/Antimatter Reactor (dilithium mediated)
Nacelles: 2                         Cuising: Warp 5                     Maximum: Warp 8.1

Impulse Systems:
Power: Fusion                     Engines: 2

Tactical Systems:
Micro Quantum Torpedoes: Type: Mk II Quantum, variable yield
Location: forward (2) aft (2)                                             Casings: 23
Main Phasers: Type: (5) Type-X phaser arrays.
Shields: Grid-projected (TDS)/Distance-projected, double-layered, regenerative

Crew and Auxiliary Systems:
Crew: 2 (maximum 25)     Transporters: 1x6 personnel/cargo

As a special feature to the USS Agamemnon and to the rest of Bravofleet the new Razor Class Long range fighter has been added to the ships compliment of fighters.  With 4 such craft onboard they will be an asset for planetary operations and attacks in Multi-Vector-Assult mode
The Fighters are named, Exodus, Majesty, Badger,& Rainmaker

Classification: Long Range Attack Fighter
 Design: Razor Class
Structure: Duranium with added Ablative Armor Matrix.
Length: 6 meters     Height: 4 meters     Width: 4 1/2 meters

Warp Systems:
Power: Matter/Antimatter Reactor (dilithium mediated)
Nacelles: 2
Normal Cruising Warp: Warp 1
Maximum Cruising Warp: Warp 2
Warp Jump Speed: Warp 4
Time allowed in warp:
Warp1; 23 days
                                                    Warp2; 10 days
                                                    Warp4; 6 hours

Impulse Systems:
Power: Fusion Engines: 1

Tactical Systems:
Photon/Quantum Micro-Torpedoes Type: Mk I
Location: Right and Left Wings
Casings: 8

Main Phasers:
(1) Type-J phaser emitters Located forward, nose section
(2) Type-U+ Micro-pulse phaser cannons Located Right and Left Wings, beside torpedo tubes

Shields: Grid-projected (TDS)/Distance-projected

Type J phasers:
The type J phaser is much like the type VIII phaser, only very small.  The phaser beam is very concentrated, and can fire a single beam for up to 10 seconds. However, the cool-down time for firing the phaser for an extended period is very great. A table of cool-down times is provided below.

Firing time     Cool-down time
1 second         .5 second
2 s                    1s
3s                     2s
4s                     4s
5s                     6s
6s                     9s
7s                    12s
8s                    15s
9s                    19s
10s                  25s


Click on the Runabout to Access it's information and interior designs.

The USS Agamemnon also has a special protosype starship designed by Rear-Admiral William Coast-Endas and his former crew of the USS Galaxy.  This Starship is a prototype and is a Mobile Fleet Control Center (MFCC) designed from a modified Blackhawk class runabout.