Located on board the Agamemnon is the primary sickbay and medical facilities.  With over 400 crewmembers on board, many of which that are different species, the medical personnel and facilities have to top notch.

The Agamemnon is no exception. She boasts an impressive array of the latest advances in medical technology as well as highly qualified personnel to staff and operate it.  From simple crew physicals, to complex and life-saving surgery, sickbay is able to provide around the clock medical service.

Sickbay consists primarily of two main medical wards, though it also includes several of the science labs in other areas of the ship. To starboard are the ICU ward, the main examination room, the isolation wards, and the CMO's office.  To the port are the zero-G therapy ward, dedicated medical labs, surgical suites, triage centers, recovery rooms, and storage.

In addition to the typical examination bed, sickbay also incorporates an emergency surgical frame over the main biobed, an array of scanners in the ceiling, and a number of wall-mounted readouts displaying nearly any information about the patient under examination the attending physician desires.

Due to the obviously emergency nature of the facilities, Sickbay is one of the many areas of the Agamemnon that is staffed by Starfleet personnel at all times. In the event that the Agamemnon medical support staff is insufficient in an emergency, the ship also incorporates the Starfleet's new Longterm Medical Holographic Program (LMH) Mark II .  The LMH Mark II Program contains the updated Medical Hologram . All areas of the ship have been equipped with additional holo-emitters, allowing the LMH to be projected outside of sickbay, should the need arise.