Mission 1: The Die is Cast/Wolves in the Flock:

The Agamemnon heads to the Neutral zone, near Romulan Border, because of possible Dominion
activity. Arriving there, they encounter three Dominion and one Cardassian ship.
The Cardassians, commanded by Gul Dukat, manage to get Sheridan, MacLeod and Giddens off the ship. MacLeod is killed when they escape, the other two get back to the ship... Not really.
Sheridan has been replaced with a changeling.
They meet USS George Washington - who actually has the same problem. It's not commodore
Brice, it's a changeling - and of course no one knows that.
Jem'Hadar warriors come aboard the Agamemnon and the crew finds out captain Sheridan is not
who she should be. The Jem'Hadar take over the ship. The crew try to get rid of them... and to get
out from the brig.
The Thunderchild joins the party. And... Captain MacLeod is also a changeling! Meanwhile, the real
captain Sheridan tries to escape Gul Dukat's ship. She manages to get into a shuttle and so she
escapes and goes to Federation border. There she meets IKS Rotarran. General Martok agrees to
help her to get her ship back from the Dominion.
The Agamemnon, George Washington and Thunderchild head for DS9... but the Rotarran gets to
them first. They fight the Agamemnon and Sheridan gets on board.
The Dominion is also defeated aboard the George Washington and Thunderchild, as their crews take them over from the inside. Peace is restored and they all depart.

Mission 2: Troubled Waters/Internal Affairs:
The Agamemnon is on Romulan border, to accompany a Romulan Warbird. On the way, they see an unidentified warship, but it's just watching.  Suddenly, the Agamemnon loses main power due a power surge. Source can not be located.
No-one knows what happened... until they notice they are in the middle of a mine field!  They alter their shields and push the mines away using a magnetic field. Cleared from the mines, the Agamemnon runs into the warship again. It's the new race called the Krazzle. They manage to
destroy the ship.
As three other warships come closer, the Bonaventure comes to help them. They get rid of the warships. All is ready for repairs... until they find out there are intruders on the ship. The Krazzle.
The Krazzle take over the Agamemnon's Battle bridge and take control of the ship. Things are not
looking good. Bonaventure has to fight more ships while the Agamemnon crew tries to get to the
Battle bridge, which has been sealed completely. Finally, they manage to get a virus in there and kill
the Krazzle.
Slowly, the Agamemnon goes to Starbase 631. The ship is left there for repairs, while the crew
takes some time off on Risa.

Mission 3: The Lines of Battle:
The mission takes the Agamemnon into the Kelsi system, where they run into a Borg cube. They get
into a fight, but soon the Borg leave. A Dominion convoy has entered the system.
The Agamemnon follows the Borg cube carefully. They watch as the cube confronts the Dominion
convoy... First, nothing happens. Then the Borg attack. They fight, the Dominion seems to lose... And the Borg go into Cardassian space.
The Agamemnon picks up a distress call. It's a Cardassian ship. The survivors are beamed into
Cargo bay 2 where the security keeps an eye on them. The Cardassian leader, Klim Mikel tells
Sheridan they had lost contact with some outposts and suspected it was the Borg. Why, that was
A Cardassian ship attacks the Agamemnon, demanding to get the Cardassian prisoners, but a
Starfleet intelligence vessel coming out from nowhere destroys their life-support. The intelligence ship leaves - and the Agamemnon gets even more Cardassian prisoners.
Meanwhile, Stellar Cartographer Hawkins has picked up something from the nearby Sigma system.
So the Agamemnon heads into Cardassian space. An away team go on planet Sigma 4. They find
out there is a Borg colony, but they lose contact with the Agamemnon.
There's also an unknown phenomenon in the planet's atmosphere which reveals to be a transwarp
conduit. More Borg come to the system. One cube attacks the Agamemnon and Borg drones board the ship. Fortunately, they are all destroyed. The Agamemnon restores contact with the away team
and they get out from the planet.
They go to Starbase 321 which CO is old friend of captain Sheridan - captain Sinclair. They stay on
the Starbase for a while, for repairs and rest.

Mission 4: A Q For All times:
As the Agamemnon leaves Starbase 321, they meet Q. He wants to teach something to Commodore Sheridan and the crew, but what?
Next time Q appears he takes Sheridan, Watkins, Vykk, McCoy, Hawkins and Bishop with him...
to the past, aboard USS Enterprise-A! They have to look like they are part of the crew, while trying
to find out what's going on.
Meanwhile, the Agamemnon encounters a strange space anomaly which source cannot be located.
Q appears again, taking also Lt. Peter Smith (he seems to have some personal relationship with him)
to the Enterprise. To the crew, he looks just like captain Kirk!
Q does all kinds of stupid tricks, to the Agamemnon and as well to those in the past aboard the
Enterprise. Both are now in front of a strange anomaly that's growing fast, unable to go around it.
The Agamemnon has to stay there (and let Q do what he pleases) while they have no idea what to
do. The people aboard the Enterprise try to create a subspace bubble so they can repair the space
anomaly. As they almost succeed, Q makes the anomaly disappear and returns them to the
Agamemnon. He refuses to tell Sheridan what he wanted with all this, but he does tell her Starbase
321 has been attached by the Dominion. All the crew has been captured... including captain Sinclair.

Mission 5: Into the Fire
Sheridan informs Starfleet she's taking the Agamemnon to the Cardassian space to rescue the people of Starbase 321. The Agamemnon heads for a transport vessel en route to Ragesh III, trying to get there before she reaches her destination. They get to the ship, send the marines in, but all Starbase personnel they can find are civilians.
They follow a neutrino signature possible left by a Dominion ship. The warship is found and it
decloaks and attacks. The Agamemnon destroys it and picks up a small escape pod that left the
warship before its destruction.
The escape pod is investigated - and it is a trap! There is a bomb inside. Fortunately, Chief Engineer
Silver manages to get the pod outside before it explodes. Meanwhile, the science department locates another ship - three times the size of the Agamemnon! They go to take a look at it. There are no records of a ship like that. Even when they send a probe to take a closer look, they can't say which race owns the ship. After observing the Agamemnon for a while, the ship attacks her using very powerful phasers.
The Agamemnon is nearly destroyed, when Klim Mikel, now working for Starfleet intelligence, comes to help. He gets the people off the Agamemnon and commodore Sheridan and commander Lawson decide to blow up the ship, hoping the big warship can be beaten that way. They succeed, but the first Agamemnon is history...

Mission 6: A New Beginning:
The people of the Agamemnon are on Starbase 799. The Starfleet has heard of the destruction of the Agamemnon and they send a new Prometheus-class ship to replace her. Commodore Sheridan gets another message - captain Sinclair has been found, but he's in coma. She leaves for Earth, leaving the command of the new Agamemnon to commander Lawson.
The Agamemnon crew stay at the Starbase until the new ship arrives.  With the brand new Prometheus class ship, the Agamemnon-A, the crew heads to Madaga system to finish the Starfleet's planetary maps of the system and to learn how to use the capabilities of the new ship.
The science crew takes a shuttle and leaves the ship. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew is having a
tactical lesson. Their instructor is captain Richter. They separate the ship, but there is an asteroid
field that's acting strange... The result: The ship is in three parts when they get into middle of the
asteroid field! Upper and lower stardrive sections lose power, and none of the sections are able to
contact the other ones...
Civilian Computer Specialist Axlien Tal gets an idea. He disguises, builds a communicator and
beams aboard the upper SD section. He helps commander Lawson to contact lower SD section,
then the Saucer section. Then he manages to beam back to Saucer section.
The sections are put together again. Commander Lawson gets a message from the Rear Admiral
Thomas - she's been promoted to captain and the CO of Task Force 58's Strike Group Beta.
Captain Richter is ready to kill the one who used the transporter... but he can't find him. As the ship
needs repairs, the Agamemnon heads back to Starbase 799.
Richter finds out Tal is actually Davin Qui, former Starfleet member. He will return on duty.

Mission 7: Fight the Future:
After a short stay at the Starbase, the Agamemnon heads to Cyania Prime to get the old Federation ambassador back home. They get him aboard safely.
On the way to meet the ambassador's transport ship, they encourter some disturbance in space. They decide it's none of their business... until they get a distress call. Sent by... the USS Agamemnon.
Now they got to find out what's going on. As they enter the disturbance area, they find the other
Agamemnon destroyed. And there are two Dominion ships coming. They try to find a reason for all
this - and the only believable theory is, this is the future. But the future has to be changed, or the
Agamemnon will end up destroyed...
That's not all. As they try to find a module that contains data saved there by Ariel, the ship's LMH,
they discover there's another Agamemnon near the place. She's about a week older than the
destroyed one. The future changed, but what does this all mean?
The Dominion ships arrive, and one of them attacks the other Agamemnon. But there's something
around the Dominion ship's phaser arrays... same with the Agamemnon. The Dominion ship is
destroyed as it fires the other Agamemnon. The other Dominion ship escapes.
The other Agamemnon is investigated. There are no survivors, but the away team manages to get
Ariel's program. Back on the "real" Agamemnon, the program is loaded into a chip which is installed
into CSO Bishop's brain. He sees the destruction of the Agamemnon. No one knows what this
The crew rests for a while. Suddenly, two more Dominion ships closing... And they attack.
Everything goes as Bishop saw it... the only way to prevent this is to change the future. And they do
it. They send no distress call. But it still looks like it's the end... until another Agamemnon comes to
rescue. She's destroyed - but suddenly, the disturbance is gone.
Bishop's theory is, this was another timeline. And this wasn't supposed to happen at all... in the real

Mission 8: Almost Unreal
The ambassador gets to his next transport. The course is set to Anczim system, as the Agamemnon
is supposed to check a listening post there.
Some crewmembers are promoted, and everything is back to normal... Is it really? Next day, in
captain's ready room, there's is a hologram that can't be terminated. And there are more to be found
around the ship... And the computer says they're not there. What is going on?
More holograms, everywhere around the ship. None of them can be terminated. Things go crazy.
There are several Star Wars characters running around, Velociraptors in the corridor, Red Dwarf
characters in the Sickbay, some Final Fantasy characters, original Enterprise crew on the bridge...
What caused this all? Theory is, Ariel's program has malfunctioned. Some of it has leaked into the
main holosystem, and all the holograms a really copies of her program. And they're getting
The crew gets to the holodecks in attemp to repair the LMH program. Qui and Bishop try to clean
the extra files found in the program in order to get the other holograms disappear. They do it, then
shut down Ariel... And activate her. They succeed. Finally, the holograms are gone. Well, almost,
since Ariel can't be shut down before her programmers have studied the program and some
holograms will stay there... At the moment, Chewbacca and Cloud Strife.
The Agamemnon checks the listening post, gets some new crewmembers and prepares for upcoming mission...

Mission 9: A Better Part of Valor
The Agamemnon joins other Task Force 58 ships (and many other Bravo Fleet ships as well) on DS9. After a short stay, they head for the Badlands.
The TF58 mission is to intercept a Dominion Ketracel White Convoy. The convoy contains nearly
45% of the remaining White in the Alpha Quadrant. The White need to be destroyed. With the other TF58 ships, the Agamemnon is to do this.
The ships leave the Badlands to intercept the convoy... When that happens, there is a battle. Some ships are lost, some badly damaged. The Agamemnon stays in one piece.

Mission 10: The Warriors of Dawn
The Agamemnon is in Stagir system, as some Borg activity has been reported there. There is a small
base on the moon of the sixth planet, but there's nothing to worry about.
The fourth planet is M-class that has a development state similar to Earth in early 1900's. Seems that the Borg have a base on the planet... Three away teams are sent to investigate. The teams are led by women, since the society on the planet is matriarchal.  The away teams find two Borg bases, but it seems that these Borg are not part of the collective.
They are here, hiding.  Two of the away teams get in trouble. They are taken to the elders... but the teams are told they have been waited. They are the chosen ones from the old stories, those who will destroy the enemy from the stars and protect the planet and the ones who are hiding - the Borg drones. The enemy is the Collective.
Meanwhile, two small Borg cubes enter the system. The Agamemnon attacks the first one with the help of some non-collective Borg. The other gets to the fourth planet, but is destroyed later. Back on the planet, the legendary heroes are given some weapons. They try to get rid of all the Borg drones that attack them... and succeed. The Agamemnon marines take care of the rest.

The non-collective Borg drones wish to stay on the planet, and as the elders have nothing against it, they shall stay. The Federation will keep an eye on the planet just in case, and the Agamemnon leaves for the next mission...

Mission 11: The Field
The Agamemnon goes to check an asteroid field in the Zeval system. The science crew beams down on one of the asteroids to investigate it. Everything seem quite peaceful...
Then the Agamemnon loses contact to the away team. Mr. Lancashire, Mr. Qui and Ms. Zai take a shuttle and go to look for them... Suddenly, all power from the ship is lost. There is a strange green light coming from the asteroid. People on the Agamemnon try to restore power, while the shuttle team try repair the shuttle, which also lost power. They also need to find the science team.
The people on the asteroid find each other, but they can't find their way back to the shuttle. They
find a barrier, go through it and find that the source of the light is inside the asteroid... the only way to end this is to destroy it.
The source is desroyed. There was something inside the asteroid, causing the energy field... butwhat? There's nothing more for the Agamemnon here. The power is back on, and the ship heads for her next mission...

Mission 12: Diplomatic Assistance