What is a PBEM RPG?

A PBEM RPG is a Play By E-mail Roleplaying Game. Bravo Fleet is a game based in
the Star Trek universe in which our players take on the identity of original characters,
usually Starfleet Officers. These players write posts to the other players via electronic
mail, which build off of previous posts to create mini-stories, or episodes, in the lives of
the characters on each particular ship.

How do you write a post?

Posts are what we call the individual additions to the story that each player sends. Each
post can be considered as a mini-chapter in the story that the ship is creating. Posts
can be written in either script style or story format and are usually between 7 and 30 lines long. Players write these posts spotlighting their character's role in the ship's mission, and oftentimes will work together with other players to develop a strong interaction between several characters
on a ship.

Can anyone join?

Yes, anyone who is interested and can read and write the English language can join the crew of the USS Agamemnon. All new players are required to read the posting rules and guidelines from Bravo Fleet Academy, and may complete some basic training in RPG principles and etiquette through the Academy before actually joining a ship.

How do I ask a question not listed here?

E-mail Rear Admiral William Coast-Endas ,Commanding officer , at and he will answer your question, and possibly put a more general version of it on this page with an appropriate answer.

This page last updated on April 21, 2000. Please excuse the lack of information as this page is currently still under construction.