Name: Dal Verraine
Race: Bajorian
Sex: Female

Verraine is a patriot, and is hotheaded about her homeworld, which ironically enough, she has never seen.  She was born of two Bajoran parents on Phi Gamma Colony Three, a little known Bajoran settlement in the Alpha Quadrant.  She dislikes the "establishment" as she calls it, and refused a scholarship to Starfleet Academy because of her beliefs.  She studied Stellar cartography at an independant univeristy on Earth, and worked part-time as a bartender in the
"Red Vulcan" a pub not far from the university.  She is currently single, and has no plans to become attached anytime soon.  A free spirit indeed, who has no real prejudices and tends to accept things at face value.

Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Provisional Rank
Position: Steller Cartographer, USS Agamemnon

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