Name:  Philip Tyre
Sex:  Male
Race:  Human

Family: Father, no siblings.  Mother was lost to the Borg in the battle for Worf 359.  She was a medical officer on the USS Itola

Star fleet history: Joined the academy at the age of 15.  Excelled in all technical classes.  Almost got expelled for senior prank.  Busted into the Academy record server, and replaced all the personal records image files with pictures of famous Dead Poets.

Was first posted at outpost 379, where he reworked the sensor grid controls, to improve sensitivity.

~Transfered to the USS ICON, where he served as the Juinor  Computer core technician.
~Transfered to the USS AGAMEMNON, where he served as the Computer core chief.
~Currently serving as Chief Operations Officer onboard the USS AGAMEMNON

Personal history:  Born on mars, was brought up on various ships that my parents were posted to.  He was a Star Fleet brat.  Do to the constant moving from one ship to another, He did not make many friends, and so he became intrested in computers at an early age, and consiquencly he got very good at them.

Likes/dislikes: Dislikes, computer illeterate people who think they are litterate.  Also dislikes people watching his work.  Likes computers, and all forms of target pratice.

Hobbies: Antique computers, Archery, and target pratice.

Appearence: 6ft, Blond, Blue Eyes.  Skiny, Gangly.  Not very muscular.  In good shape, with a nice smile and good teeth.

Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position: Chief Operations Officer USS Agamemnon

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