Name: Luval, Markus
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Biological Operations Specialist-Starfleet Medical Sciences, Captain's Personal Physician, USS Agamemnon
Age: 36
Serial Number: 199125097-1086
Race: Betazoid
Birth Place: Eastern Betazed
Birth Date: March 12, 2339
Height: 5'10
Weight: 165 lbs.
Skin colour: Tan
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Light brown

His History:

General Appearence:
Average height and weight. Semi-Muscular. Looks like the normal Betazoid.
Markus has short hair.

Markus was raised in the Reich Provience on Eastern Betazed in the captical city. His father is 55 and his mother is 53. One of the easiest things for Markus is getting comfortable with his mind reading abilities. His father is Chief Surgeon at the Royal Reich Provience Hospital. His mother is a Doctor that teaches at the Univercity of Eastern Betazed.

Markus enjoys many sports; mainly downhill winter Skiing.
Luval also enjoys some 17th century music.  Coast likes to collect wine and other drinks for festive times.

Career Background:

Short Description of Character:
Markus was born on Betized and is a full telepath.  Once his schooling was completed there he moved on to Earth.

Entered Starfleet Academy in 2358 along with his long time friend (Now Captain William Coast-Endas) with classes specializing in Reconstructive surgery, emergency triage, and Command. Was the second youngest to ever enter Starfleet medical in reconstructive surgery. Taught several cadets classes in  triage.

Learned the Human martial art of Koga ninjustu at night while taking his classes. Was on the first Academy Ski team.  They won the Nova Cup 4 straight years. Graduated Starfleet Academy 2nd in the field of medicine in 2362.

Age 23:
Rank: Ensign
Ship: Starbase 223 {1 year, 4 months} 2362-2364
Completed Medical training.  Assigned to Starbase 223 as Biological Operations Specialist.

Age 25:
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
USS Mackenzie: {4 years} 2364-2368}
Assigned to USS Mackenzie as Biological Operations Specialist and assistant chief surgeon

Age 29:
Rank: Lieutenant
Starfleet Intelligence {3 years} 2368-2371
Completed Training with Majors Biological Operations and Inteligence and Minors in Emergency Engineering and weapons systems. Assigned to Starfleet Command for Intelligence Gathering Missions.

Age: 32
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Ships: USS Whirlwind & USS LaSelle {1 year} 2372
Assigned to USS Whirlwind for teaching in Emergency Medical Conditions to crew.
Assigned to USS Laselle for teaching Emergency Medical Conditions to crew.

Age 33:
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Starfleet Intelligence: {1 year} 2373
Assigned to Starfleet Intelligence for classified Medical Missions:

Age 34-35:
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Ship: USS Galaxy {1 Year} 2374
Permoted to rank of Commander and position of Executive Officer of USS Galaxy.  Become's
STOAT Officer for USS Galaxy

Age: 36:
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Ship: USS Agamemnon (Still Active) 2375
Biological Operations Specialist-Starfleet medical Sciences currently doing testing on the Exoskin reconstructive suit on Captain William Coast-Endas.

Recent Events:
~ Markus is currentally working with the the Exoskin mark II suit developed by Starfleet Medical Sciences and by Doctor Mark Luval.
~ Markus is still experimenting with the exoskin.

Loves to cook
Trainer rating in downhill snow skiing
plays piano and flute

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