Name: Blitz
Race: Unknown
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown

No one knows where Blitz comes from, or even what her race is.  The last thing she remembers is waking up in SickBay onboard the USS Corian, ten years ago.  To all appearances, she is humanoid, but testing has proven that she is not.  The medical section of StarFleet have been
busy for the past decade attempting to classify her race, and are failing miserably.  Scuttlebutt has it that she fell out of a subspace warp conduit, but this rumor is unproven.  Blitz has worked many odd jobs, including as a bartender in the "Forge", a tavern on the far side of Luna.  She has many skills, such as almost instantaneous recollection, and a perfect memory.
She has diplomatic skills and, although she isn't empathic in the least, she is sensitive to the emotions of the people around her, which has proven to be useful from time to time.

Rank: None.  Civilian
Position: Bartender-Forward Lounge , USS Agamemnon

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