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Click On The Transporter Station To Activate Pannel.

Welcome to the USS Agamemnon!  I, Rear Admral William Coast-Endas, command this fine ship
and Commander Vykk Lancashire is her Executive Officer.  This ship is the current Flagship of
Task Force 58 and is a part of Bravo Fleet.  This graceful lady is always in preparation for whatever
awaits her on her new adventures into the unknown.  You will be guaranteed to have the type of
adventure, mystery, and thrills, that goes with life.  Whether it be battling the Borg or doing escort
duty to ambassadors, the Agamemnon and her crew are ever ready to meet the challenges.
So, come join us on the adventures of this Prometheus class ship.   We just might hold the key to
your dreams and sense of adventure.

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